Paisagindo - Drain You Night By Senasaudáveis 40grs BIOTeas & Infusions

Herbal tea from organic plants.

After the huge success of the Drain You herbal tea, we now present a herbal tea that, in addition to maintaining its diuretic and draining properties, also has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

To drink before bed, Drain You Night herbal tea will promote the proper functioning of the metabolism, while contributing to a good night's sleep.

This biological herbal tea results, once again, from the partnership between Paisagindo.BIO and Senasaudáveis.

The best plants were selected, produced in organic farming, whose diuretic properties help to expel some of the toxins associated with weight gain, assisting in the process of reducing fluid retention, swelling and cellulite. Plants that have a calming effect and will contribute to a peaceful night have also been integrated into this tisane.

Have you ever imagined, improving your fluid retention while you sleep?

The package gives for 20 doses, which can be easily infused with the individual sachets suitable for the purpose, included inside. Simply place the equivalent of a teaspoon (1-2 g) in the sachet, infuse it in a cup with hot water, wait 4-5 minutes and enjoy its intense flavor.

Ingredients: Chamomile, peppermint, passionfruit, valeriana, lemon balm, lemongrass, milk thistle and stevia
Conservation: Store in a cool dry place
Origin: Portugal
Producer: Paisagindo Lda.







172,49 €/Kilo
Drain You Night By Senasaudáveis 40grs BIO
Drain You Night By Senasaudáveis 40grs BIO
Drain You Night By Senasaudáveis 40grs BIO
Drain You Night By Senasaudáveis 40grs BIO
6.90 €/ Unidade
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