Quinta do Freixo - Quince Jelly 290grs Sweets & Jams

Jelly produced by traditional methods, with fruits and vegetables produced by Quinta do Freixo, in the Algarve, without adding any aromas, dyes or preserves.

An extremely careful preparation is a guarantee of flavor and good preservation capacity.


Ingredients: Quince, sugar. Prepared with 50g of fruit per 100g
Conservation: Keep cold after opening
Origin: Portugal
Producer: Sociedade Agrícola e Industrial do Algarve lda.







Nutritional information


Values for 100g of the product

Nutrient Quantity
Energy (kcal) 286,00
Protein (g) 0,20
Carbohydrates (g) 71,00
Salt (g) 0,00
Lipids (g) 0,10

17,24 €/Kilo
Quince Jelly 290grs
Quince Jelly 290grs
5.00 €/ Unidade
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