Chocofigo Arbutus 100grs Chocolates & bonbons

Fig candies soaked in arbutus brandy covered with dark chocolate. 

Surprise yourself with this Algarvian delight, where the best figs and arbutus brandy in the region are combined with the best Belgian chocolate.


Ingredients: Cocoa paste (min.55%), sugar, cocoa butter, dried fig, arbutus brandy, soy lecithin, natural vanilla
Allergens: Soy Lecithin
Conservation: Keep in a cool place and protected from light
Origin: Portugal
Producer: Maria Manuel Contreiras Guerreiro







Nutritional information

Values for 100g of the product

Nutrient Quantity
Energy (kcal) 354,58
Protein (g) 3,85
Carbohydrates (g) 51,15
Salt (g) 0,03
Lipids (g) 9,75

90,00 €/Kilo
Chocofigo Arbutus 100grs
Chocofigo Arbutus 100grs
Chocofigo Arbutus 100grs
Chocofigo Arbutus 100grs
9.00 €/ Unidade
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