Chocofigo Almond 100grs Chocolates & bonbons

Fig chocolates with almond covered with dark chocolate .

Surprise yourself with this Algarvian delight, where the best figs and almonds in the region are combined with the best Belgian chocolate.


Ingredients: Cocoa paste (min.55%), sugar, cocoa butter, dried fig, almond, soy lecithin, natural vanilla
Allergens: Almond, Soy Lecithin
Conservation: Keep in a cool place and protected from light
Origin: Portugal
Producer: Maria Manuel Contreiras Guerreiro







Nutritional information

Values for 100g of the product

Nutrient Quantity
Energy (kcal) 359,57
Protein (g) 14,65
Carbohydrates (g) 54,75
Salt (g) 0,04
Lipids (g) 26,95

90,00 €/Kilo
Chocofigo Almond 100grs
Chocofigo Almond 100grs
Chocofigo Almond 100grs
Chocofigo Almond 100grs
9.00 €/ Unidade
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