Quinta do Freixo - Quince Bowl 400 grs Sweets & Jams

Homemade marmalade, produced by traditional methods, with fruits from the production of Quinta do Freixo, in the Algarve, without adding any flavors, coloring or preservatives.

An extremely careful preparation is a guarantee of flavor and good preservation capacity.


Ingredients: Quince, sugar. Prepared with 50g of fruit per 100g
Conservation: Keep cold after opening
Origin: Portugal
Producer: Sociedade Agrícola e Industrial do Algarve lda.







Nutritional information


Values for 100g of the product

Nutrient Quantity
Energy (kcal) 274,00
Protein (g) 0,20
Carbohydrates (g) 68,00
Salt (g) 0,00
Lipids (g) 0,10

13,75 €/Kilo
Quince Bowl 400 grs
Quince Bowl 400 grs
5.50 €/ Unidade
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